Saturday, January 14, 2012

.....bacalah walau sebaris......

.....sabtu...x pegi skul...ari santai ni mamaijat nak penuhi dgn membaca....apa lagi kalau bukan yang berkaitan dgn kehidupan & kesihatan mamaijat sdr....
jom kita intai2....

semuga akan menambah pengetahuan mamaijat....

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Stories of Hope
No Risk Factors
I was 39, a mom, an oncology nurse, and have no history of breast cancer in my family. So, why me?
I was working the night shift on the oncology unit at the hospital and had been complaining to my co-workers about my tight fitting bra for a good part of the night. When I got home from work that morning, which was a Friday morning, I noticed my right breast was hot, and red and tender to the touch. I went to bed and was running a fever. My husband took me to the ER on Sat morning at 3am with a fever of 102.
I was given iv antibiotics and told to see my doctor on Monday.
When I saw my doctor, he said possible breast cancer..
I was put in the hospital, had a biopsy done, a mamagram, and more antibiotics. It was an infection, but the mamagram reveiled cancer behind the infection. A lumpectomy confirmed the diagnosis and I had 30 radiation treatments.
The breast infection saved my life. The early detection saved my life. I am greatful and blessed to be cancer free for 16 years.
My children are now 36,35, 21, and 18, and I have 5 grandchildren.
Broken Arrow, OK
I had a bilateral mastectomy on February 11, 2011. I decided not to do reconstructive surgery or wear breast forms. Diagnosed @ the age of 36, I'm bold enough to show other women, that if they get a Mastectomy, its okay to have reconstruction, but its also okay to opt not to, or wear breast forms. Diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days before Christmas 2011, I had no lumps, no discomfort, no discharge, nothing at all! It was just a thought, that I now know was the Holy Spirit, that came to my mind and prompted me to get a mammogram. Two weeks later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts! In my right breast, was stage 0. I had 2 different types of cancer in my right breast, which were DCIS & LCIS. In my left breast, the cancer type was just DCIS. I had an area that was a stage 0 & another area that was a stage 1A, that was near a blood vessel! One thing is for sure, cancer didn't kill me or cause me any pain, but it sure did scare the hell out of me! Sometimes, I look at pictures of myself when I had breasts and jokingly, I say to those twins, what did I do to y'all? You two tried to kill me, & I took good care of both of you, for 36 years. They're gone & the cancer is gone! I didn't have to do chemotherapy or radiation, my margins are clear & so is my mind. My onco type dx score was a 7. In the bible, 7 means completion! I will continue to thank GOD everyday, for completely healing my body and for allowing me to survive breast cancer!
Locust Grove, GA
Spanner in the works
I went to my GP as Hubby found a lump in my right breast, thinking that being 32 and 8 weeks pregnant surely God wouldn't let anything happen to me? How wrong I was.
When I was told that I had a 17mm tumour and DCIS, I went into complete shock, I hardly cried and all I could do was reassure my loved ones that everything was going to be OK - I just didn't know what else to do. I had a mastectomy and recon of the right breast and honestly you would never know with clothes on - it's amazing and I am so grateful.
Looking back I think the cancer and recon seemed nothing compared to making the decision to not have my only child.
After my breast was removed and the tumour and tissue was examined, I fell into a category to have the Oncotype DX, which told my Oncologist I didn't need chemo but I would have to go on hormone treatment for 2 - 5 years. But it was already too late and the decision about my baby had already been made. That is why I was so determined to beat it as I was wanted to be a Mum so badly.
That was 12 months ago and I am well on the road to recovery but the thoughts and feelings that I am no longer invincible haunts me everyday and I often have nightmares but I have been told that this all passes.
What got me through was my family and friends. I can not thank the man I married enough for his support and the support from my family and friends - they were all so amazing. Perhaps that's why God chose me.....
Perth, Australia
Breast Cancer Survivor Diagnosed 2008
Hi, my name is JoAnn, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2008. I was not too happy and even less happy that my breast would need to be removed! I cried and asked over and over again, Why me.
In 2006 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which thankfully - was not cancer. I thought I'd escaped the big C, but it got me. Along with my breast I had 17 lymph nodes removed in 2008 and began the long journey towards being cancer free.
I had 6months of Chemotherapy- ACT was my standard of care. I lost all my hair, and gained a 30 pounds -steriods and meds. My last day of chemo was November, 2008 I felt reborn and celebrated by cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family. What a great feeling!
After the holidays the next step was Radiation. Every day for 2 months I woke up, got dressed and drove myself to get fried, the treatment lasts all of 15 minutes, but the affects of radiation leave you tired and your skin very burned. Thankfully, that's all behind me.
The next step was the task of breast reconstruction. Anyone who has had to go through this knows how stressful this is. It's more surgery! After you've had your pity party, you soon realize there is more to life than a great set of boobs. You are just grateful that you are alive and that you can enjoy your family, friends, and your husband.
Yes, in 2002 I met Bill - he's my rock. We're together 10 years in total. We got engaged in 2006. After my chemo we were married December 2008 bald head and all.
I thank God every day and I take the time to smell the roses. Live Strong!
Breezy Point, NY
From darkness comes Light
My name is Eilish Murphy, I am 51/2 years cancer free, My journey began just two yrs after giving birth to my 5th daughter 2006, I was in the middle of a divorce which I taught at the time was the worst thing that had happened in my life, being left to raise 5 girls on my own, and then was told I had breast cancer, I was shocked and saddened to think I wouldn't be around to raise my girls. I fought with all that I had, I made it easy on my children so that they didn't have to worry for me, my journey was long and hard, but nothing that I couldn't handle,losing my hair was the worse for me, not for vanity reason but to see the look in my 4 yr old little girls eyes, I had shaved my head when my hair started to fall out, the next morning my youngest child just looked at me like I was a stranger, it broke my heart, I reached for a crayon and said to her look you can draw funny faces on mommys head, that's all it took for my little girl to smile. It was a very dark time my life, but I have gained a strenght that I never knew I had. When I went for reconstruction in 2010 I ended up in icu on life support from complications, again I fought and pulled through, was it all worth it just to have boobs, no it wasn't , should have just left the scars, today after 7 surgeries and looks like I'm heading for my 8th I would just like to say Life is good, I'm grateful for what I have and truly belive that there comes a light after darkness.
Eilish Murphy 
Grand Terrace, CA
The :Life You Save May Be Your Own
Routine mammography caught my DCIS. I was fortunate, as it was not invasive. Surgical bx, then lumpectomy, then mastectomy. The margins were not clear. I'm real lucky, no chemo/radiation. Taking my Arimidix daily. I did not have reconstruction initially. My surgeon told me I always had the option to reconsider. Met with a fantastic Plastic Surgeon who explained my options. Decided to have an expander and then an implant. Pleased with the results. I encourage women not to miss their scheduled mammo. The life they save may be their own. Feeling fine has no guarantees. All involved in my pre/post care were awesome. My doctors are following me for five years. I've had the pleasure of meeting some POWERFUL SURVIVORS. Also, involved in Relay for Life and raising funds. There are many concerned citizens/friends who support our STRIDES FOR THE CURE. I've never taken my life for granted and I definitely do not now. No grass is growing under these feet. I enjoy dancing (line), swimming, bowling and many other activities without issues. I recently went to a Strides for Breast Cancer Walk and wore a Pink Bra that my daughter-in-law along with granddaughter decorated. Proud to wear it. I admired the many men in support of their friends who had Breast Cancer and wore their Pink Bras. What a great bunch of good sports. The Hunks looked good in Pink. The groups and friends that supported each other was inspiring. When something like Breast Cancer hits, you will find out who cares. The only negative I had was my sister who refused to donate to my RELAY FOR LIFE. So much for family. May God Bless those who are searching for the CURE and watch over those fighting the fight--------------------Mousie
Pat Reilly 
Ocala, FL
I was pinched by my mother
On October 3, 2011 I felt a pain on my right breas. I went to the bathroom to see if there was something and felt a hard round knot and thought this had never been there before. I immediately called my doctor to come in and have it checked. I was sent for a mammogram as my last one was done in June 2010. I was sent for an ultralsound and a biopsy. I was scheduled to get my biopsy results and to see a surgeon on October 6. My biopsy results confirmed I have ductal carcenoma. I seen the surgeon and was scheduled for a lumpectomy on October 12th. A week later we went for the results and the cancer had spread. They suggested I have another lumpectomy taking more tissue and more lymph nodes, I told them no to remove my entire breast. I had my second surgery on October 28 removing my right breast. On November 8th I received my results and the surgeon said I made the best decision the cancer had spread through out my breast and in more lymph nodes with this my cancer is a stage 3. To all who read my post make sure you are doing your monthly self breast exams on the first day of the month so you know when you did it last and in your birth month go for your annual check up. The title of my story comes from when I was a child and would get in trouble my mom would pinch me and get my attention. My mothers birthday was October 1 and I found this lump on October 3. I believe mom pinched me to tell me pay attention here, my mother was a 20+ year breast cancer survivor. Thanks Mom
Stockton, CA
my mums battle with breast cancer
Five years ago yesterday i sadly lost my mum to breast cancer.My mum fought this disease for 3 long years,had several chemotherapys,had a mastectomy and was in remission in 2006 for almost 6months. It was when she were going for her 6 month check up they discovered that there had been a couple of cells that had grown back and spread to her liver,lungs and spine,what they call metastatic breast cancer.My mum was so brave my whole world came crashing down when they sat myself and my sisters down and informed that it was terminal.My mums consultant gave my mum a matter of months to live,but sadly within 2 weeks she passed away.Although my story doesnt particuarly have a happy ending i wanted to tell my little story and stress the im portance of going and gettng checked if you suspect a lump,if my mum had if gone sooner rather thantf later it may have not been so advanced.heres to hoping that ..a cure will be found in 2012.
Helen Wade 
sheffield, United Kingdom
Cancer found through mammogram
I found out that I had ductial Cancer, through a mammogram...and this past September, I had two surgeries to remove the area...
At the present time I have 8 more radiation treatments. I will be taking Tamoxifen for 5 years.
I feel like I cannot feel sorry for myself, when I am at the radiation center, there are so many people, in worse shape then I am....
Ladies please get your mammograms, it really could save your life.
sebring, FL
a lump in your breast during pregnancy,get it checked...
discovering a lump in the breast during pregnancy and being told you have breast cancer is quite a challenge,it s physical,mental,emotional,but most women who are guided to the lump early enough in the pregnancy will catch it very early as most of the time it started with the hormonal changes....i discovered my lump by accident or to me as a blessing after been working with the angels for years....i had mastectomy,4 treatments of chemo and i am taking tamoxifen for 5 s tough challenge but not impossible...i had no family history,breastfed my first 4 children for a year and more,never took the pill,dont smoke,dont drink,had my first 3 before 30 years old,i have no extra weight,on a good diet,was 35 years old at the time...all was on my side not to ever have breast cancer and i please understand that anyone can have breast cancer,at any age,take care,with love and angels,christelle.
maynooth, Ireland
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